Does your organisation struggle to find cost-efficient and effective solutions to wasted raw materials, capacity, transportation, or face other productivity issues?

CIDO are delighted to announce that International Synergies NI will be joining us on Thursday 26th September from 12-2pm to deliver an interactive seminar over lunch to look at resource efficiency and resource matching and how they can deliver tangeable benefits to business.

This event will help you to identify opportunities to reduce costs, identify new raw material streams and increase productivity within your organisation.

The Industrial Symbiosis service has been working to improve productivity efficiencies through resource matching for over 10 years.

This short interactive seminar will include practical ways for your business to solve its resource issues and increase bottom-line savings through Industrial Symbiosis.

Lunch will be provided. Guest speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.


About Industrial SymbIosis and the support offered by International Synergies NI 

What is ‘industrial symbiosis’?
Industrial Symbiosis enables unwanted business resources from one organisation to become material inputs for another providing a ‘win-win’ solution for all.  We use the term “Resource matching”

What type of businesses do International Synergies NI work with?
They work with a wide range of stakeholders including public and private sector clients, institutions and the research community. They are keen to engage local businesses and organisations, regardless of size or location, to help them really reap the benefits of their full range of services.

What are the benefits of industrial symbiosis to local businesses?
There are so many!
It provides opportunities for existing companies to increase their profitability and competitiveness by reducing the cost of resources, identifying new resource streams and innovative product development.

It achieves huge benefits for the environment by reducing demand for virgin materials and minimising wastage.

It opens up a valuable new network for your business, providing opportunities to create new partnerships and increase your reach and impact.

Finally, industrial symbiosis has a strong societal impact, creating and safeguarding of jobs as well as engaging social enterprises to help educate and upskill within local communities.

What  support is available ?
The team at International Synergies NI undertake feasibility visits and assessments and can facilitate full-scale implementation for single or multiple resources. They have a strong network of businesses and organisations that are actively looking for materials as well as those looking to find a solution to landfill for other resources.


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