When: Thursday 25th February 2016
Where: CIDO Innovation Centre
Time: 12.30pm – 2.00 pm (light lunch included)
Cost: FREE

R&D tax credits are very generous and relatively small claims can generate large corporation tax savings. Corporation tax of £2,600 can be saved for every £10,000 of R&D expenditure. Loss-making or grant-funded companies can also benefit and it can be surprising what activities can qualify.
In Northern Ireland there are numerous companies not taking advantage of this valuable relief. Is your company or client missing out on the lucrative savings that are available?
CIDO are delighted to host a FREE seminar to help small businesses and advisers understand R&D tax credits. The seminar will be hosted by Ian Farley of IF Tax Consultancy Limited. Ian previously specialised in this area at PwC and BDO in Belfast and he will cover the following:
▪ Highlight the benefits that are available
▪ Provide practical examples
▪ How a company can make a claim
▪ Outline how loss-making or grant-funded companies can benefit
▪ Patent Box – provide a quick overview

Contact: Kirsty Watson – By phone: +44 (0) 28 3839 6520
e-mail: Kirsty@cido.co.uk


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