When: Thursday 3rd May 2018

Where: CIDO Innovation Centre

Time: 09.30 am- 12.00 noon

Cost: £32.54

Have you just set up MailChimp, created that first campaign but either had no confidence to send it or you are disappointed with your current campaign engagements?

This workshop is for you! Often problems with MailChimp start because it has not been set up correctly. This interactive workshop will teach you foundations needed for successful campaigns whether you have a free or paid account.

Learn how to create campaigns that reach the right people at the right time. Get insights to improve your existing campaigns and grow your list.

We will also tackle GDPR in relation to MailChimp and how setting up MailChimp

“the right way” goes a long way to making you compliant.

Course Outline:

1) What is Good Email Marketing?

2) How to set up MailChimp the “right way”

3) MailChimp and GDPR

4) Onboarding new subscribers

5) Groups & Segments

6) Automation

7) Creating Campaigns

8) Reporting

9) A/B Testing

10) ChimpanZee

Should I attend?

1) This course is basic introduction to MailChimp, it is not aimed at advanced features of MailChimp. ( There is an Advanced Course available )

2) Have you signed up for MailChimp but not sure how to use it correctly for your business?

3) Ever created a campaign but never felt ready to send it? Well now you can with confidence!

4) From 0 to 5,000 subscribers, it doesn’t matter what size your list is, this workshop is for you!

5) Whether you a small, medium or large business this course is for you. Even if you have a paid MailChimp account, you will learn that without getting the basics correct you could be losing money.

Please note: If you do not have a MailChimp account you should not attend this course as it does not include the signup process. Please, see further information below.


1) Must have a MailChimp account

2) Must have created at least one draft campaign or sent one live campaign


1) You do not need to bring a laptop, tablet or mobile, but this is an interactive workshop, so you can follow aspects using the MailChimp app on phone or tablet. However, a laptop is preferred as the web version of MailChimp is universal and not all features are available in the App.


Simon Harper from SRH Design. Simon has nearly 20 years’ web and graphic design experience. Simon runs on-going Mailchimp campaigns for several local businesses focussing on customer retention and maximising return on investment. Plus, his own successful Mailchimp campaigns for his own business!

For more information please contact CIDO on 028 38396520