When:  Thursday 30 August

Where: CIDO Innovation Centre

Time:   10.30am to 12.30pm

Cost:    FREE

Are you on top of your mental health? Are you overwhelmed by life’s pressures. Have you ever stopped and taken time to reflect on the state of your mental health? This workshop will provide you with the basics to increase your knowledge of mental health and stress, it’s causes and how to identify potential issues. You will come away from this workshop able to identify the different indicators and causes of stress, and the impact health can have on your physical and mental health. You will also learn tips for becoming more resilient and learning to manage stress more effectively.

Course content

– what is stress?

– being aware of your own mental health

– the triggers

– physical effects of stress on our personal health

– how to improve our mental health

– personal resilience

– stress awareness

– thinking patterns


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to engage more positively with daily life, reduce anxiety, stress, pressure and learn coping mechanisms for dealing with the pressures of life.