Co Innovate Free Innovation Workshop for SME’s

CIDO Innovation Centre, Portadown

Thursday 23rd August, 10.15 a.m.

What is Co-Innovate?

In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, innovation is integral to business growth and success. With Co-Innovate, you can learn about the benefits of innovation, identify opportunities for growth in your business and create a vision to make it happen.

It offers free business analysis and bespoke expert advice and mentoring. There is also support available for undertaking collaborative research and innovation projects.

Co-Innovate will help you business to:

  • work smarter
  • equip you for future challenges
  • add value to your business
  • stand out from the competition
  • boost your bottom line

Is my business eligible?

If your bsuiness is an SME from the manufacturing or tradable services sectors you can apply. Priority sectors include renewable energy, life and health sciences and agri-food.

For more information contact Kirsty Watson  –  028 3839 6520