CIDO tenant Marcus Salt talks about his business SALT Electrical, his motivations for starting a business and the support he has received from CIDO.


So tell us a bit about SALT Electrical?

I started trading as SALT Electrical in 1995 with a few portable tools, basic equipment and a little Bedford Rascal van. In the beginning we focused on small installations but the business gradually grew over the years and we’re now specialists in electrical contracting for AgriPoultry installations, computerised ventilation, automated feeding systems and lighting. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service with project design, installation, management, maintenance and a 24/7 back up service second to none


What motivated you to start your business?

When I was younger I always knew I kind of had that entrepreneurial spirit and from a early age I learned that if you work hard, be patient and have a good personality you will achieve success. After working in a different business from the age of 19 I decided at 22 I wanted to leave employment and started out on my own business journey.


What do you feel is the most enjoyable aspect of running your own business?

For me it has to be seeing so many others succeed and better themselves as a result of what we do and have done both in terms of customers and employees. Personal gain is grand but means nothing if you can’t share. Your company has to work for employees as much as myself.


What is your experience of working with CIDO?

CIDO have been fantastic to us. When I first approached looking for premises they were very friendly and easily set me up with the the premises I needed. It’s key for us that we have a good base for the business and plenty of space for storage. Also with the business back up from CIDO and the support whenever we needed it, we honestly couldn’t ask for more.

What are your plans for the future of the business?

Keep my head down and continue working hard. We have forecast work for the next 2/3 years so we’re doing well and can’t ask for any more than that at the moment.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting their own business?

Work hard and never say no to an opportunity even if you don`t know exactly what it entails, say yes and work it out later, this way you’re always learning and gaining experience. It’s very important to look after your staff too and in turn they will look after your customers. Also if you’re not sure where to start, like myself with premises or in developing your business, definitely get in contact with CIDO.






For more information on business premises or other business support available contact CIDO:


028 3839 6520