ENI Start-Up Loans

Suitable For?

Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses needing finance that have been refused finance by a mainstream bank.


How Does It Work?

Unsecured loan of up to £10,000 for start up and up to £25,000 for existing businesses are available with fixed interest rates and no arrangement free. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the viability of the business with a business plan.
Gap financing to come complete a funding requirement
Applicants must be 18 years of age or over, there is no upper limit
The business but be legal, moral and non-discriminatory
The business must be commercially viable
Applicants must be unable to access normal means of finance and have access to an active bank account
A credit check will be carried out before any loan is approved
Loans cannot be used to consolidate other debt
All applications will be assessed by the Enterprise Northern Ireland Loan Fund team



The applicant gains loan finance to invest in their business idea which they can pay back over an agreed period of time. Loans are to be used for business purposes only such as, purchase of fixed assets, working capital/cash flow or business start up/expansion costs.