Despite a wet start to the day, this year the sun shone for CIDO’s summer BBQ which is held annually for tenants and their families.

CIDO would like to extend their thanks to everyone who contributed to an enjoyable event. Thanks to Carryl from jump jiggle and jive, the volunteers from C&J’s Animal ParkCaolan Mc Bride MagicianMichelles Melt & More and, Learning Labyrinth for keeping us entertained, Villiers and The Villains for providing the music and  Jo, Noel and the team at Unch  for providing the food and donating a prize for our raffle. Thanks also to GHR Gemma’s Hair Room and Take Thirty Women’s gym who also donated prizes. Thanks to all of our tenants, board members and their families who attended and thanks to Hilary Livingstone, Cara Dallat, Kirsty Watson, Concepta Heagney, Garfield Gracey and Derek Taylor for all their hard work making the event a success.