CIDO Business Tenant at work

How It All Started

Audsemporium is a business that In essence was started as the result of a hobby. Audrey Slack had started to experiment on Amazon, buying and selling in her spare time, until she eventually struck upon wrapping paper, concluding that there was a good market for it. As she niched in to sell only wrapping paper and a few greetings cards, she quickly came to the realisation that she in fact had a viable business on her hands. It was at this point, back in 2011 that Audrey gave up her job and started to concentrate on Audsemporium.

A Family Affair

Audrey’s dad helped her in the business from the word go, supporting and advising her on all aspects of the business and remaining involved right up until his death in 2015.  In 2014 as the business really started to take off,  Audrey was joined in the business by her husband Stephen. By November 2018, the business had outgrown their home. It was at that point that Audrey approached CIDO in search of suitable premises to let.  Audsemporium set up home in Centre One at CIDO’s Carn Complex, which ticked all the boxes for her in terms of size, location and flexibility.


Growth in Sales Leads to Expansion into Second Unit

Audrey decided to take her business to the next level by designing and selling her own paper alongside continuing to source, package up and sell wrapping paper from her suppliers. By Christmas 2018 Audrey was heartened to discover that her own Christmas designs (modern contemporary Christmas) were Amazon’s best-selling Christmas paper over Xmas 2018. Only six months later, business is booming for Audsemporium  and they have now taken on a second unit at CIDO. Audrey’s dream is to continue to increase sales of her own designs. Further down the road, she would like to design her own greetings cards too.

Something that Audrey is passionate about is using local suppliers where she can. She sourced local printers in Lurgan to  print her paper before transferring her goods to Amazon for shipping across Europe.


Advice For Would-Be Business Owners

We asked Audrey what advice she would give to someone thinking about setting up their own business. “ Working for yourself is not easy” she tells us. “You have to be prepared to work at it. You need to put the hours in and be prepared to put in 18 hour days if that’s what’s needed. You also need to keep an eye on the market at all times and make sure you are keeping up with changing trends”. Audrey tells us that she was one of the first to package together bundles of wrapping paper and now everyone else has followed suit. Despite the hard slog and the long hours involved, Audrey loves working for herself and wouldn’t change a thing.


Plans for the Future

Audsemporium sells well across Europe with her tartan paper in particular growing in popularity, but it’s Audrey’s dream to sell her designs worldwide and for Audsemporium to become a well -known British or Northern Irish brand in the wrapping paper world.  If her current success continues we ‘re sure she won’t have too long to wait. To view Audrey’s product range you can visit



At CIDO our variety of unit sizes across our sites together with our flexible leasing means that there’s the capability of future expansion for businesses as in the case of Audsemporium. For details of our current availability contact our property department on 028 3839 6520 or email